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Watershed Witness Tour Videos

Watershed Tour Medley ~ Song: Who Are You? by Merrill Garbus of tUnE-yArDs

Solo Tour of the Mighty Moke July 2018

Mokelumne Tour July 2016

Watershed Talks and Presentations

Watershed Witness ~ offered at Nerd Nite Oakland, March 2019. Exploring ways of reconnecting with our Bay Area drinking water sources, including the larger story of how California recently emerged from drought, from a Metamorphosis Ecologist perspective.

(Being Nests) From Our Guts, to Our Gardens, to Our Galaxies: Offered at the Esalen Institute, Big Sur 2016.

We are made up of (and nested within) other bodies. We include tiny teeming epigenetic and microbiotic tummy mates, rely on nearby neighbors to transform human-scale homescapes together, and map the ongoing long seasons of our star-shed's Laniakean kinships. Our allies are abundant.


Short Scenes

Moke Rocks

Bird Tides


What Grows in Tour Jars?

Rains Clear Fire Smoke

Duck Drops


Bay Bridges Blend

Oakland/San Leandro (Lisjan) Creek July 2019 ~ Song: Riverman by Nick Drake/Trees in Our Sentences

Tuolumne Tuor May 2018

Mokelumne Tour Summer Solstice 2017


Precious Few and You: Love and Plans at the Mega Drought ~ Cosmology of Love Conference, CIIS, San Francisco, 2015
Joshua Halpern, fresh from his first visit to the river whose water he relies on in Berkeley, ushers us across shifting ecologies of love and reassures us to continue sowing seeds, even for hopeless harvests.

When Our Lights Fail We’ll Count Stars, When Our Aquifers Empty We’ll Drink Love: 2013 Cosmology of Love Conference at CIIS.
Where do we locate love across vast scales of time and place?


Below the Reservoirs

Mountain Swim Spot

Marin Ripples

Bolinas Lagoon

Alcatraz Rains

Bothered Birds

First View: Falls

Freaky Frog

Flyover March 28, 2018

from Bay Area > through the Delta > over Camanche and Pardee Reservoirs
> across the Mokelumne River Headwaters south of Lake Tahoe

Night Water Light Playing